It’s back! Christmas Unwrapped 2019

Get our highly-regarded report series and get the tactics to win this key Christmas trading period

The biggest and best Christmas insights

Be better prepared for the challenge of growing your revenue and profit in one of the most competitive, ever-changing trading periods.

Our reports ensure you’re armed with the insight to react quickly to evolving consumer sentiment and buying habits so you can adapt successfully.

After all it’s often those small tweaks that can make a big difference between the winners and losers in such a tight market.

Highlights from Christmas 2018

Here’s a taster of the report highlights from 2018 and how understanding these can help you drive better commercial returns this Christmas.

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Pick and mix your favourites

Just choose the insight reports you’re interested in or get the comprehensive full set and save.

Each report is based on a sample of 2,000 nat rep UK consumers plus qualitative interviews throughout the Christmas period.

Each report is priced at just £3,950 or get all 4 reports for just £11,500 (save over £4,000)

Report 1: early mindset

  • Predicted spend (vs. last year)
  • How uncertainty’s hitting plans
  • Wider feelings towards event
  • Critical festive milestones
  • Category winners/losers
  • Brands expecting to use
  • Hopes/dreams for season

So you can understand the challenge ahead and flex plans accordingly

Released 25 Oct ‘19

(Fieldwork 17-20 Oct)

Report 2: preparations underway

  • How plans are evolving
  • £ spent/still to play for
  • Brands quick off the mark
  • Response to big ad campaigns
  • Emerging winning tactics and hot buttons pressed

So you can benchmark your early performance and assess your tactics to win big

Released 25 Nov ’19

(Fieldwork 16-19 Nov)

Report 3: reality replaces dreams

  • Deep dive into Black Friday
  • Brands succeeding
  • Response to the big advertising campaigns
  • Emerging winning tactics and hot buttons pressed

So you can gauge the strategies which are hitting home and identify final tweaks to optimise your performance

Released 13 Dec ‘19

(Fieldwork 3-8 Dec)

Report 4: winners and losers revealed

  • Winners/losers and why
  • How hopes played out
  • Stated/revealed importance
  • Pain points in Christmas journey
  • Key emotions played to/missed
  • Outlook for 2020

So you can get great plans in place for Christmas 2020

Released 10 Jan ‘20

(Fieldwork 28 Dec-6 Jan)

Who is it for?

Any retail and eating-out brand where Christmas is a key trading period for their business.

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Each report is priced at just £3,950 or get all 4 reports for just £11,500 (save over £4,000)

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