Truly instagrammable – Primark’s Central Perk café

Primark has started serving coffee in Manchester, but not through a standard coffee shop or franchise affair. Instead, it’s launched something rather unique for the coffee world – a Friends throwback Central Perk café. Genius idea or big let down? We got close to the customers using it to see whether the customer experience really lived up to the hype.

Unique, memory-making

‘Instagrammable’ is the one big theme that comes out about this coffee shop from customers. Yes, it’s got a good choice of food and drink, the staff come across as really friendly and happy to be there and the pricing lives up to the Primark promise, but undoubtedly it’s the Friends touches that make memories here. Everything from the coffee cups to the pieces of art, the iconic orange sofa and famous window scene create opportunities for Primark to end up on your Instagram account! “The café was different to anything I’ve been to in Manchester, off the top of my head I can’t think of a café or restaurant with such a strong theme.”

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Customers’ dangerous desire for everlasting (self) love

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