Consumer Insights Explained

Decision making with confidence

The sharpest human insight in rapidly changing times

The truth is that life feels different for the nation every week. And understanding how brands can reflect consumer trends is not easy.

Rich analysis from The Score, presented in reports, charts and webinars, helps leading brands with the difficult decisions.

Understanding customer mood is made simple, enabling faster and more profitable action.

With weekly insight explained, predictions explored and stories brought to life, The Score narrative is essential for real-time strategic input.

Trusted by brands

The Score is the only subscription tracker with richly nuanced insight and narrative that drives the right decisions, based on the current mood of the nation. It enables brands to spot opportunities and avoid costly mistakes.

“The Score answers the big emerging questions and helps us understand consumer mood and changes in behaviour. It plays a pivotal role in our business planning – both tactical and strategic – ensuring we optimise our business to stay customer led.”

Claire Rainey, Head of Insight, O2

“The pace of consumer change has been a constant challenge. The Score is an innovative and continuous pulse on the nation which we leverage every week to make important decisions.”

Naomi Kasolowsky, Group Insight Director, Tesco

“Consumer attitudes are more changeable than ever. The Score gives us a real-time view and future predictions, helping us plan for ‘what next’ and avoid wrong decisions. The insights are my favourite reads and listens, serving up opportunities for brands every week!”

Claire Faltyn, Group Head of Insight & CX, Halfords

Predictions based on hopes, fears and behaviours

The Score understands how consumers are feeling and predicts the future, facilitating better planning and innovation.

  • What the ‘2021 normal’ will look like, with fact based certainty leading to faster and more profitable decisions
  • How buying behaviour is evolving and what it means for your sector and granular target audiences
  • Attitudes towards finances as the economic storm brews and how this impacts spend
  • The brands that will be relied on to help people, and what your brand can do to win trust

A global telco used The Score to spark a new proposition and then communicate it in a way that won interest and participation.

A leisure brand learnt which hot buttons would turn people back on to particular destinations, venues and properties.

A high street brand pinpointed the best stock levels, comms and sales promotions for seasonal events.

Robust, agile exploration and explanation

Weekly insights from 2,000 surveys and 20 in-depth household interviews are expertly analysed into concise story led reporting. The Score understands consumers deeply and guides customer-led innovation with clarity on tone of voice. Deliverables include

  • A short film to shine the spotlight on key messages
  • Board-level presentation decks
  • A written report with headlines
  • Net optimism, tracked and explained
  • Engaging webinars and predictions of trends

There’s even a self-serve portal to slice and dice data to fit your needs.

Kokoro are an award winning agency and The Score is a well established quantitative and qualitative survey. It helps brands make better, faster decisions with confidence, based on certainty. Try it for yourself with a Free Predictions Report or a current Insights Report. For more on The Score, email Mark Taylor, Client Services Director.