Missed the event? Get the 10 big trends for Life after Lockdown

Don’t trust your gut! See new insights on how 2021 will evolve

All eyes are now on June as the nation braces for freedom. But after a year of dispersion, exhaustion and inequality what does 2021 really have in store for brands?

In our latest March event Alison Bainbridge (Founder of Kokoro) and Laura Gillespie (Qualitative Guru) shared the big 10 trends already shaping the thinking of leading brands, including:

  • #1 Dispersion sticks
  • #2 Home is where the spend is
  • #3 Local focus
  • #4 Generation P45
  • #5 The Boomer Boom
  • #6 The hidden epidemic
  • #7 The big reset
  • #8 Belonging & Freedom = hope
  • #9 Slow Leisure
  • #10 The Safest Getaways

Watch the event now!

Here’s the  jam-packed session with a serious amount of genius steals:

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