Supercharging the National Trust’s product offer

Finding new commercial opportunities

As a charity with a strong heritage the National Trust are always looking for ways to boost revenue, whilst retaining their integrity. National Trust commissioned our team to explore new commercial opportunities for the brand – wanting to stretch the brand to new and innovative territories. Our work balanced the head and heart of this critical business question – evaluating both the £value of possible future opportunities with instinctive emotions of credibility, integrity and feel-good. Sparking discussion and debate – supporting National Trust in making the tough decision to ignore some very profitable propositions because they evoked a gut- of ‘feels wrong’. And, instead maximise the commercials on opportunities which most closely connected with National Trust brand assets and affinity.

Activating new fundraising mechanics

Following this project the team supported the National Trust fundraising team in their latest product development – new mechanics for commemorative gifting. Our ideas helped maximise the feel-good nature of giving, whilst keeping over-heads low – maximising return for National Trust.

“The team’s experience in the commercial sphere really shone here. The perspective of hard-numbers and feelings helped us make really solid decisions – landing insights in the business that have helped shape our commercial strategy for the foreseeable future. I am also really impressed with the energy and flexibility the team provided, it’s refreshing”
Ginny Rose, Insight Lead, Brand, Marketing & Commercial


26.6 million in 2017/18, up from 24.5 million YOY 


2.46 members, up from 2.31 YOY

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