Revealing daily diet habits for Bidfood

Tailoring propositions to today’s diets

With increased thirst for health, convenience and value, the way in which consumers are eating and drinking around their work and study schedules is evolving.

Bidfood required deep understanding of consumers’ food and drink planning cycle to help its catering partners hone their offers.

Revealing real daily diets 

Kokoro uncovered the warts-and-all truth of what people actually eat each day; their routines and the feelings these provoke. We used deep ethnographic techniques to reveal the pain/delight points in current work/study-place provisions and identify opportunities to move menu choices and formats in line with needs.

We cascaded insights to Bidfood stakeholders through interactive workshops that brought the consumer vividly to life. 

A success framework for partners 

Insights have helped Bidfood reinforce its position as a trusted advisor. Our work has highlighted the importance of balancing innovation with customers’ need for control, and  has flagged up shoppers’ desire to feel connected with the brand/other users in their search for healthy lifestyles. Results have helped Bidfood partners refine their individual strategies for the 2019-10 period.

“Thanks for your great work on daily diets, and in particular the workshop you ran with us, which is still making an impact today.”
Sarah Whiddett, Head of Insight & Customer Experience


Kokoro were finalists in the AURA Communications Effectiveness Award, 2019 


Pivotal to Bidfood’s publication: ‘Top Menu Opportunities for Contract Caterers in 2019’

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