O2’s invaluable compass

O2 have subscribed to The Score for over 18 months. The Score is our mood of the nation study – forget everything you know about trackers, it’s got real heart and soul. Every week we task ourselves to understand consumers and where their next move will be better than anyone else. The Score is robust, surveying 2000 people each and every week, and blending this with a longitudinal community of over 40 households across the UK

Subscribing on a fortnightly basis The Score has transformed how O2 act

Following every twist and turn, we reveal the big opportunities to play to – and how they really manifest, truly tapping into feelings. Providing O2 with the edge on the mood of the nation, The Score has pivoted O2’s marketing strategy, twice in the last 12 months

Our goal is to inform and inspire and The Score has given O2 the confidence to take the plunge and urgency to move forward on a number of propositions and priorities. For example; the trust to commit to Disney+ and DeliverooPlus. And the momentum to push forward with Hubbub (O2’s initiative to support vulnerable people via tech) after understanding tech inequalities and hardest hit groups from The Score

The Score enabled O2 to create value mechanics that resonated. At a time when the papers sat on the fence by forecasting almost every financial possibility – The Score brought real empathy; shedding light on consumers true feelings towards money and spending. Insights from The score gave O2:

  • the confidence to back big Black Friday deals, a bold move for a Christmas predicted to be quiet
  • the understanding to anchor these deal right – in togetherness, family and the goal of creating an immersive bunker
  • the push to launch much earlier than usual – getting top of mind in customers researching journeys as they drooled over great tech

The Score impacts at every level which is why it’s now cascaded to over 600 marketeers. The reach and influence of The Score keeps getting bigger and bigger – O2 regularly upgrade their subscription to get access to rocket-fuel insight, most recently for Christmas. And, include a programme of workshops with their marketing team to give them fresh advantage on the upcoming quarter

The Score team are consistently excellent in unpacking how people are really feeling. The Score is so insightful and always on the money – simply brilliant!

Rob Reason​
Director of Strategy & Planning, O2

The Score answers the big questions and helps us understand customer mood and new behaviour.  It plays a pivotal role in our business planning – short and long-term – ensuring we optimise performance

Claire Rainey ​
Head of Insight, O2 ​

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