Maximising John Lewis’
own brand portfolio

Supporting strategy to “focus on differentiation”

In 2018 JL & Partners announced a major evolution of its strategy “designed to develop and strengthen the business”. Own brand product formed a major part of this – with the ambition to grow own label product to 50% of sales by 2020. The business needed customer understanding of its own brand Fashion and Home product brand portfolio to help shape the strategy execution.

Where you position 9 own brands

Deep ethnographic qualitative methods and semiotic analysis combined to gauge the territories each brand occupied in its target customers’ lives and memories. This was overlaid with large-scale quantitative surveys and sales data analysis to seek opportunities to refocus, stretch or remove brands in the portfolio.

Direction on clarity and stretch

Insights used to help guide future branding and ranging decisions. JL& Partners Fashion relaunched in 2018. More buoyant 2018 sales against a tough Fashion market.

Revenue goal

£1billion sales of own brand Home by 2020 and £500m of own brand Fashion


Largest ever investment in product development roles in 2017


Unveiled largest own label in 2018 – John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis’ store reinvention
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