Helping kids stay safe online with NSPCC and O2

Great idea but low engagement

In 2015 O2 joined forces with NSPCC to educate families about staying safe online. The focus was on encouraging parents to have regular, informed conversations with their children. It was soon apparent that whilst the initiative’s aims resonated, more needed to be done to engage parents.

Reframing the challenge

Kokoro was asked to enrich understanding of the opportunities and challenges technology presents. An extensive, 5-phase programme was developed, with O2, NSPCC and Kokoro collaborating closely throughout. We took many information sources and unified these into a 360-degree view. We synthesised this into a case that challenged existing beliefs and set out clear next steps. Kokoro found that the O2 & NSPCC partnership had been asking parents to act on something they didn’t really perceive to be a problem. This ‘aha!’ moment led to a reframing of the challenge – one that allowed parents to minimise the risks of online whilst acknowledging its capacity to educate, entertain and empower.

Collaboration at the highest level to drive action

We worked in close partnership with senior stakeholders at O2 and NSPCC to identify clearer roles for both. This led to a shift in emphasis from tactics like face-to-face workshops (that ‘feel like hard work’!) towards an agile, nudge, digital approach. One measure of the power of Kokoro’s input came at NSPCC’s flagship How Safe? Conference. Here we were proud to see that we had influenced the influencers and helped in the campaign to keep families safe online.


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Insight presented at NSPCC’s sixth
annual flagship conference

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