Evolving the National Trust’s food and beverage strategy

A customer-centric strategy

We created an insight programme to optimise the National Trust’s future food and beverage strategy; knowing how vital the quality of this is in shaping visitors’ views on their overall day out! Our approach shed light on how to optimise a varied set of draft propositions – providing clear guidance on how to evolve these to better align with key audiences and create an even stronger visitor experience.

A rich blend of quantitative data, focus groups and on-site days helped our team to understand both the here-and-now and future potential. We established the actions required to meet existing challenges and potential risks for the new propositions, and paved the way for a customer-centric strategy going forward.

Empowering teams to act on feedback

We delivered a comprehensive debrief and followed through with easy-to-digest, shareable summaries for different internal audiences. This has helped to land insights throughout the organisation.

We are currently finalising materials to bring the findings to life for an internal ‘Food & Beverage Festival’. This will ensure that the teams who run outlets on the ground every day understand their customers and feel empowered to play their key role in transforming the insight into action.

“The team have been really engaged throughout the project, illuminating our thinking with consumers perspectives, and bringing energy and the customer voice to our ambitious future plans. The debrief was just the start and the team have been very focused on ensuring the learnings are translated into a variety of different formats to ensure they land across a variety of key internal stakeholders.”
Ginny Rose, Insight Lead, Brand, Marketing & Commercial


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