Vue’s comeback strategy

Coronavirus has changed our world so much our ‘old normal’ feels as distant as a black and white film. Nearly every business sector has been hit. Inevitably, cinema has almost been knocked out. However, as infection rates flattened and lockdown eased, Vue acted quickly to ensure it’s well placed when its cinemas can reopen. The company recognised this was a crucial moment to gain more customer insight, discover how best to reassure audiences, and adapt to a much-changed landscape.

Kokoro’s approach leveraged advanced analytics and a survey designed to home in on what will really shape cinema usage, not what people tend to say is important. Our expertise bypassed over-rationalised feedback and cut through to the key emotional drivers. Our robust analysis, plus a vivid picture of the varied audiences behind the numbers, has helped Vue to prioritise its efforts. Kokoro’s outputs now inform strategic decisions in all areas of the Vue proposition – from communicating all-important social distancing measures to pinpointing ways to truly resonate with Covid-era customers.


‘The research has been really successful: welcomed and implemented by our board members, operational directors, marketing teams and other colleagues across six countries – because of the thorough questionnaire design, speedy delivery and clarity of results. In a time when our spending is very cautious, this has been a worthwhile investment with a great partner.”   Ruth Hinton, Group Insights Manager, Vue

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