KokoroBites: not all experiences are equal

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Not all experiences in the customer journey need to be equal

We know amazing Visionary customer experiences across the journey are important – we just wrote a thought piece on the subject! But, a brand can’t always deliver Visionary experiences at every touch point of every journey. It’s not commercially viable and just not necessary for customers to make memories around your brand and keep spending. You must remind yourself of the peak-end rule so you can prioritise investment in the points of the customer journey where you can get the most extraordinary commercial return.

What will you learn?

You’ll see why experiences which ignite emotions get customer attention and get remembered. You’ll get a clear grasp of applications of the peak-end rule so you can see how a little magic at the right point in a journey goes a long way. With practical and inspiring examples of how brands are winning in this space.

Who should sign up?

Insight professionals, designers, marketers and CX specialists who want inspiration to think about their brand and experiences in a more emotive way

When is it?

Choose one of two slots and simply fill in your details below for free access to the webinar

Slot 1:  Tuesday September 10 – 17:30 GMT (18:30 CET, 09:30 San Francisco Time)

Slot 2:  Wednesday September 11 – 14:30 GMT (15:30 CET, 09:30 New York Time)

This is a live session lasting 20 minutes including 5 minutes Q&A at the end

Who’s providing the thought-provoking thinking?

You’ll be inspired by Laura Gillespie  – leading Kokoro’s powerful work on leveraging emotions

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