Kokoro Cuts – best of August

A round-up of the best new experiences and campaigns we’ve seen on our travels. Here’s what you need to know about

eggslut shows how eateries can create new memories around classics

The hit LA chain came to the UK in August and caused quite a stir for such a small new eatery. It shows the power of a brand when it creates a buzz around something very simple and opens customers eyes to new possibilities – in this case the classic comfort food: eggy baps! eggslut uses only local suppliers, keeps to a tight menu, transforms the mere egg into clever hero eggy dishes (yes you heard it correctly ‘The Slut’ is a thing) and sells it all in a trendy instagrammable space. This gets customers flocking to pay a whole lot more for the humble egg!


The average B&B could look more like this in the future

Summer may be over but next year’s plans could look a whole lot more exciting and sustainable thanks to the launch of TERA from AI SpaceFactory. It’s like nothing else on this planet – a high-tech, luxe, eco-home based in upstate New York where people can stay nightly from March 2020. It’s based on the award winning Mars habitat MARSHA which is super cool but what’s most amazing is that it’s made of 3-D printed plants and minerals which are durable and twice as strong as concrete, yet recyclable and compostable. It will be 3D-printed on site to ensure minimal disruption to the habitat versus the harsh impact of traditional construction. It will feedback operational data to keep improving future designs and it can be broken down, recycled and re-printed elsewhere, without leaving any trace. This is the future sustainable B&B!


Hendrick’s brings escapism to life in sensory tube wrap

There’s a zillion gin drinks out there so it’s refreshing to see a campaign with a clear feeling at its heart as Hendrick’s challenges us to ‘Escape the Conventional and Embrace the Delectable’. The escapism in gin flavours has been cleverly brought to life through a high-impact tube wrap where intriguing visuals spark attention whilst a sensory element of cucumber and rose scents help fix this campaign and its signature gin flavour in our memories. We think it’s a much more effective way to hit a high volume audience (the underground boasts 5 million passengers a day) versus the usual scattergun approach to tube poster advertising.

Channel 4 reflects bold, brave brand position as it pokes fun at general public

We absolutely love this genius advert from channel 4 which pokes fun at the ridiculous complaints that have been sent into the channel from the general public. It’s a funny, honest take on how ridiculous people can be. It’s bold, it’s brave, it’s everything Channel 4 was set up to stand for. Channel 4 said: “We understand that not every programme, or even every presenter, is going to be everyone’s cup of tea. “That’s because Channel 4 was set up to be different, to provoke debate, take bold creative risks and represent unheard voices from all around the country. So sometimes we may cause a bit of a stir, but that’s part of our job.” We wish more brands could be this daring 😉

Sustainability swarm continues

August saw a whole host of new product launches and new start-ups in the sustainability space. We’ve captured a few novel ideas that haven’t been seen before.

Upchoose gives US parents a way to feel good about being more sustainable at a time when having a new kid usually means creating a lot more waste. You buy clothes from them then when your child outgrows them you simply send them back to get money off the next lot. Simple but no-one else is doing it!

Nespresso and Swedish start-up Velosophy partnered to create RE:CYCLE, a stylish bike made out of 300 espresso pods. It’s Nespresso’s attempt to create a circular economy for the billions of coffee pods discarded every year. Whilst Nespresso is a brand already providing a positive ending to the customer journey (pods are picked up from consumers’ homes to be recycled), this takes it one step further to show customers the new beginnings their waste can create.

Fairbnb launched this summer in 5 European cities. A more ethical alternative to Airbnb, the platform promises to give 50% of sales to local community projects to make short-term rentals more sustainable. Guests choose the projects registered on the site that they want to support when they reserve their accommodation.


And just for fun…. Roocopter brings Deliveroo promise to life

Deliveroo is “committed to delivering the best food no matter your location” so it launched a helicopter food experience to demonstrate just that! Order your dish and Deliveroo will get it to you in time to enjoy food at 1000 feet over the sights of London. This is ultimate memory-making fast food!

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