Excited to be partnering with Nationwide!

Kokoro is proud to announce a new client partner, Nationwide Building Society. We are working together to deepen the society’s understanding of its members’ lives, needs and preferences.

We’ve won the trust of many brands through our unique grasp of the power of emotions; identifying the actions which resonate and drive spend. Owned by, and run for, the benefit of its members, Nationwide’s customer focus makes them a great partner for us. Kokoro’s expertise will deepen Nationwide’s understanding of how it fits with people’s lives and enable it to create even more compelling propositions.

”I’m delighted about our partnership with Nationwide. They are famed for seeing their members as people not numbers, and this is really in tune with Kokoro’s mantra that consumers go with their feelings. I’m confident we’ll be able to strengthen Nationwide’s natural empathy with their members still further – and ensure our insights get translated into both strategic and on-the-ground improvements to Nationwide’s legendary customer service excellence.
Caroline Bates, Director, Kokoro
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