Cut to the Future 2020: The webinar

Missed the event? Get the low-down on our live webinar!

Last chance to get your hands on our 2020 Trends Analysis!

We had over 200 businesses sign up to our Manchester and London events and an amazing turnout despite virus challenges. We’re giving you the chance to see the content brought to life for a final time via our live webinar.

Trends: emotions in motion

Science has proved that consumers notice and remember things which speak to their subconscious. Easy to say, but how do brands reach the subconscious? Our Founder, Alison Bainbridge, will show you how our 5Drivers model highlights the subliminal triggers consumers will find too irresistible to ignore and the role of trends within this!

Hot right now!

We’ve analysed all the major trends forecast for this year and overlaid them on a 2×2 version of our 5Drivers model. This allows you to understand the emotional needs consumers want help with this year. Whilst not every zone is ‘hot’ today, those that are offer rich ROI if you can create or adapt a proposition to land on the right one.

When is it?

Friday March 27 at 11:00 GMT (12:00 CET, 06:00 New York time)

This is a live session lasting 25 minutes – including 5 minutes Q&A at the end

Who’s providing the thought-provoking thinking?

You’ll be inspired by Kokoro’s Founder, Alison Bainbridge.

Who is it for?

Anyone working in marketing, insight, brand, CX or UX who would like to know how to harness trends to drive commercial success.

Love to attend but can’t make the time?

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