Customers don’t care about your stuff!

Is your brand creating enough memories?

It’s really easy to forget that people aren’t that interested in what we’re trying to put in front of them most of the time, especially when you’ve poured your heart into designing it! It’s not like they hate and actively avoid your stuff. People just have other things they’re prioritising right at that split second in time. They aren’t that focused on the many features, messages and influencers that are being put in front of them. It’s a concept the book ‘Nobody wants to read your sh*t’ demonstrates so brilliantly. We forget how hard we have to work to make customers see something, feel something and create memories.

So just make more stuff?

Yet when brands aren’t hitting their targets we often see them create even more stuff to put in front of customers. They’re very efficient at churning out more services, more POS, more training checklists, more menu options, more deals, more Instagram posts, but don’t have laser focus on improving the big things that could truly transform.

Stop just asking, start seeing

80% of decisions are made on feelings – so customer comments alone won’t drive successful business actions. Here at Kokoro we’re experts at making sense of the emotional – allowing you to know what really motivates your customers. One of the ways we do this is biometric measurement. Out and about in real environments from bars to airports to homes – we see the world through customers’ eyes and measure the emotional response to brands in their real lives.

  • Eye tracking – shows us what does and doesn’t get even a millisecond glance and the time to notice it. Data is amalgamated to create heatmaps of the elements dominating attention
  • Video capture – shows us how the space is used – the natural flow and what’s causing some products/messages to get completely missed
  • GSR (galvanic skin response)  – the level of sub-conscious emotional arousal a piece of stimulus creates
  • Facial expression analysis – we harness Affectiva human perception AI to see the positive and negative emotions generated from facial patterns

Make better investment decisions

Combining this powerful biometric insight with our other emotions-led tools like 5Drivers lets you better understand what aspects of your experience are making customers feel something. So you accentuate the strong feelings, fix those that agitate and find ways to zap new life into those that are simply too flat. After all we all know feelings build memories and memories build brands.

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