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Stop thinking regular, start thinking Visionary. You’ve got the passion to fuel a rocket ship. We can help give you the vision to deliver experiences for extraordinary commercial return. We want to help you see a new future with inspiring talks, practical ideas and immersive workshops from some awesome thinkers and doers. Join Kokoro and TIBCO on 17.10.19 at The Morton Society, 11 South Place, London EC2N 4AY

3 explosive topics, 20 awesome speakers

Topic 1:  From numbers to the heartbeat of a business – how to unite data with emotional intelligence to drive the right action

300x300 - Guest speakers(1)

Alison Bainbridge

Founder of Kokoro

It’s time to get serious about emotions in CX

300x300 - Guest speakers(22)

Darren Crowder

Vice President at TIBCO

Software is eating the World.. Now what?

300x300 - Guest speakers(4)

Gareth Tennant

Former Intelligence Officer for The Royal Marines

How to make the right decisions in a tough situation

300x300 - Guest speakers(5)

Hristiana Georgieva

Co-founder of BlissWork

The role of emotions in developing a thriving culture

Panel debate: how well are businesses really doing at putting customers at the heart of their decisions?

300x300 - Guest speakers(3)

Caroline Bates

Director at Kokoro

300x300 - Guest speakers(24)

Steven Carabasu

Customer Director at HelloFresh

300x300 - Guest speakers(19)

Anna Thomas

Manager of European Customer Insight at TJX Europe

300x300 - Guest speakers(23)

Andrew Littlewood

Strategic Planning and Insight Manager at Nationwide

300x300 - Guest speakers(20)

Ruth Hinton

Brand Planning & Insights Manager at Vue

300x300 - Guest speakers(18)

Adam Blower

Research and Data Insight Manager at Eurostar

Topic 2: Creating the next new possible – how do you connect to how people want to feel to discover the next visionary experiences?

300x300 - Guest speakers(6)

Laura Gillespie

Director and 5Drivers Lead at Kokoro

You need to understand how customers want to feel, not what they think

300x300 - Guest speakers(7)

Craig Fullicks

Customer Experience Strategy Lead at O2

Harnessing feelings to deliver a step change in the O2 customer experience

Panel debate: what’s the future of wellbeing?

300x300 - Guest speakers(8)

George David Hodgson

Founder of Maison du Choup

300x300 - Guest speakers(9)

Tessa Tricks

Head of Food at Hubbub

300x300 - Guest speakers(11)

Khandiz Joni

Conscious Beauty Expert and Founder of Untainted Magazine

300x300 - Guest speakers(10)

Chris Hemmings

Author of ‘Be a Man’

300x300 - Guest speakers(21)

Tasha Keating

Founder of SheRunsIt

Topic 3: Making memories – how do you create Visionary stories that create lasting buzz

300x300 - Guest speakers(14)

Paul West

Strategy Director at Dalziel & Pow

Bringing brands to life through Visionary brand experiences

300x300 - Guest speakers(13)

Dr Michael Bloomfield

Founder of Creative Being

What is creativity and how can you harness your creative power to dream up Visionary experiences?

300x300 - Guest speakers(15)

Oliver Kibblewhite

Special Projects at REWIND

Why the future is mixed reality and how you can use it to create Visionary brand stories

With a host to remind us about the funny side of this

300x300 - Guest speakers(17)

Nick Gilbert

Co-founder of multi-award winning arts organisation Zoo Co

“Sharp and unfailingly funny”

Immerse yourself in two unique experiences

300x300 - Guest speakers(4)

Exclusive invitation-only workshop

Businesses are sitting on a wealth of customer insight – how can we better drive impact from it for substantially better commercial return?

300x300 - Guest speakers(5)

VR inspired experience

Immerse yourself in how customers want to feel to create the next new Visionary experiences

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