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New consumer segments for unsettling times

We’ve developed five groups based on how people feel about their lives. These are rooted in our 5Drivers model of consumer emotions and substantiated by over 10,000 interviews conducted across the UK, France and Germany.

The segments have already proven hugely effective in unpicking how people are adapting to life in unsettling times. We’re now using them to predict how each group is likely to behave over the months to come.

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Get your complete overview of each segment’s characteristics, emotional hot buttons, outlook on life, comms levers and more!

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Start using the segments on your own data

We’ve done all the heavy statistical work so you can take advantage of our segment algorithm on any of your surveys or internal customer data.

  • Simply divert your survey to our QGen platform where we’ll ask a few questions in an implicit style – securing truer feedback.
  • Our algorithm will instantly determine each respondent’s segment.
  • Segments are coded in real time against each respondent and fed back to your system instantly.
  • You get to cut your data by segment for deeper understanding and sharper targeting.
  • Or you can use our consulting services to analyse your data and transform it into actionable insights.

Want more detail? Simply email Mark Taylor (Client Services Director) on or call him directly on +44 7971 285990.

Want to know your segment?

Try out our survey to see the segment that best represents you!

Customer Closeness – join our free webinar

Up, remote and personal – closeness in corona times 

In these uncertain times, it’s even more vital to get genuinely immersed in consumers’ lives. To capture a true read of their behaviours, triggers, motivations and pain points so your brand can discover new opportunities to get ahead. But the reality is most brands struggle to know how to do this well. So we’re holding a free webinar to share our expert knowledge on how customer closeness can be so powerful and how you can make your programme a success.

What will I learn?

  • Why customer closeness is more important than ever before.
  • Fundamentals for making programmes a success.
  • Our insider tips on how to get up close and personal in ‘remote times’.
  • How customer closeness can work across all layers of a business – from Board to innovation hubs to branch colleagues to field sales.
  • How to build a business case for customer closeness so you can secure funding in times of uncertainty.

When is the webinar?

  • Thursday July 2 at 1:00pm BST (2:00pm CET).
  • This is a live session lasting for 45 minutes (including time for Q&A).
  • The session will be recorded so if you can’t attend on the day we’ll send you a personal copy.

Who’s providing the thinking?

You’ll be inspired by Kokoro’s Founder, Alison Bainbridge, and Laura Gillespie – our resident customer closeness expert!

How do I sign up?

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