25 years of award-winning,
brand-building experience

Kokoro was previously known as ABA Research which started life back in 1994. Over the last 25 years it has enjoyed working with many top brands and has regularly won the most prestigious awards in the insight industry. Kokoro marks a new chapter and the start of a mission to help brands around the world strengthen their role in consumers’ lives.

Kokoro’s mission

Kokoro, in Japanese, stands for heart. Kokoro is what makes people tick; what makes them do what they do. It is a window into their intelligence as well as their emotions.

Kokoro is not just our name but our purpose. It sums up our mission to dig beneath what humans say they want and expose the complex emotions that truly dictate. Kokoro then helps brands turn this emotional intelligence into hard-headed, effective actions.

Discover powerful emotions
that drive your customers

At Kokoro, we have painstakingly identified 5 critical emotional states that ladder up to consumer happiness. You now have access to our proprietary 5Drivers model. Download our handbook for a taste of how this new technique is opening up exciting opportunities for growth.

We practice what we preach at Kokoro

Kokoro helps businesses grow by understanding human feelings. Our growth has been rooted in the same emotional intelligence. Our working culture is supportive and friendly. Goals are shared and everyone is given the confidence to innovate and write their own chapter in a success story that’s now lasted 25 years.

Partnering with ambitious brands

How to connect with today’s woman

Getting a leadership team
closer to customers

See how we got the M&S exec team immersed in the needs of today’s woman and energised to activate change.

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