Emotional Intelligence

Does your brand have it?

We make 80% of decisions on feelings. We are experts at making sense of the emotional – allowing you to know what really motivates your customers.

This information is rocket fuel. Armed with it you’ll create better products, better experiences and better brands. What’s more, people will always feel good using you, see you as honest and someone they genuinely want to use again.

Our services

We’re an award-winning insight agency made up of experts in customer experience, brand insight, proposition development, analytics and UX. We blend qualitative and quantitative sources to turn human feelings into hard-headed strategies that transform brands.

Our work

Kokoro’s ground-breaking work on the feelings that drive behaviour, plus our business savvy, produces insights that give brands the edge. We never give up until we deliver commercial impact. That’s what success feels like.

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Helping kids stay safe online with NSPCC and O2

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The emotional edge to enhancing The National Lottery’s digital experience

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Supercharging the National Trust’s product offer

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Measuring Eurostar’s gold standard in international train travel

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A customer experience programme to set John Lewis & Partners apart

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